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Hello, time is like an endless river, we can fight it as many times as we like but truth be told we can never win the fight nor stop time.

Sadly with a heart filled with sorrow and grief I have come to the decision to sell the Legendary l2mid server and everything with it.
Not many of you know but truly I am almost 37 years old (or young some might say) also I have two kids.
So as you can see the picture I don't have as much time as I used to to run the server full time.
Im not selling any "snake oil", fake fails or scam items everything is legit.

I have been working my entire life on this project for over 10 years. whois lookup - whois lookup information.
Registered On 2012-11-22


If some1 is intrested to continue the server legacy I'm going to sell the domain that has made more than 6 figures in the last 12 years with proofs (between 500-600k). L2Mid files are already sold to 5 people.


Project - € 9000
Including- domain, website, payments scripts paypal,binance,paypalych, unitpay etc, 
server extender, including sources (L2OFF Vanganth IL + Custom Classic ext sources)
Launcher with source written on c++

DDOS protection with all scripts. (i am not gonna share any info about this)
facebook, vkontakte groups, pages with real players.


If any of you have interest in buying and continuing the l2mid legacy by all means contact me.
Found for testing the server and offerts:

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[L2OFF] Legendary L2Mid x25 - Interlude Extender - €400

[L2OFF] Legendary L2Mid x25 - Source - €400


[L2OFF] Dynamic rates x25/x15/x5 - L2Mid/L2Thegame/L2Noobwars - Interlude Extender - €550

[L2OFF] Dynamic rates x25/x15/x5 - L2Mid/L2Thegame/L2Noobwars - Source - €550



Contact me here via PM (only serious buyers)

Payments via:

- Paypal(Friends and Family)

- Cryptos

Some screens and videos from the best servers.









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regards, SkyLord